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What are the benefits of using a relocation agent?

Ultimately, to save both time and money. Sifting through countless property details, along with factoring in time to view properties can be an exhausting process. Add to this difficulties with travelling, often from overseas, can equate to stress and time wastage.


As relocation agents, we remove the stress by finding the property that best suits your requirements.  We view all suitable properties on your behalf, only accompanying our clients to those properties that match their brief. This saves you an extraordinary amount of time and disappointment.


Do Cambridge relocations act on behalf of estate agents?

We act solely in the best interests of our clients. We are neither an estate agent, nor letting agent. We maintain and continually develop our professional relationships with estate agents in order we can secure properties quickly on behalf of our clients. We do not however, have any particular allegiance with any agent.


I’m moving my family from overseas. My wife speaks minimal English. Can you help?

We certainly can. We specialise in assisting clients moving to Cambridge from overseas. We employ a language specialist who can offer language support in one of 6 languages. Please refer to our multilingual section.


What kind of support can you offer after I’ve moved in?

We continue to manage our client’s relocation after they are moved in to their new property. We provide a host of useful and relevant information in our dossiers, which you can get more information on our services page.


How much does a relocation service cost?

Our clients’ needs are varied and consequently we have a range of packages available. Please contact us should you require information on our fees.


I am unable to travel to Cambridge to view properties. Are you able to view and acquire a property on my behalf?’

Of course- we do this for a great number of our clients- none of whom have been disappointed! Please see our testimonial page and enquire for further details.

"Natalie was by far the best experience I have had in finding a new place to live. She helped me quickly sort the good and bad locations and found exactly what I was looking for on our first day out. Highly recommended!"


Derek Wise, Executive Director, Jagex