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Whether you are a company recruiting internationally or an individual moving your family from overseas to Cambridge we can help.

Our unique selling point is our multilingual relocation service, with a language specialist offering support in Italian, Dutch, Spanish, French, German, Afrikaans and Russian.


Being able to overcome language and cultural barriers, and ascertain our client’s exact requirements equates to a smooth, stress free relocation.


We can also minimise the isolation overseas employees may experience moving to the UK, by supporting the employee and their family and ensuring their needs are met through the provision of fluent language speakers.


We will provide a language speaker during property and school viewings, and will tailor information dossiers to encompass clubs, social groups and other organisations that are of relevance.


Our professional background has provided us with a wealth of experience in working alongside varying nationalities, our cultural awareness forms a vital part of the multilingual service we offer.


To find out how we can help you, call us on 01223 573595.

Multilingual relocations Cambridge

"Cambridge Relocations provided us with a comprehensive tour of the City designed to familiarise us with the different types of neighbourhood, and were able to provide us with unique property opportunities before they appeared on the market. We received extensive help on the various administrative services unique to the UK enabling us to settle in quickly."


Eric Lagel, relocating from Germany