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Locating the right school is essential. Cambridge relocations will advise on catchment and admission criteria.

We will provide details of all schools in the area, both state and private, with information about admission criteria and catchment areas.


We will make appointments for you to visit schools, and can accompany if necessary providing a foreign language speaker if desired.


We can also provide details of schools that offer language support for our international clients.


To find out how we can help you, call us on 01223 573595.

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"We asked Natalie Langdon at Cambridge Relocations to help us find and move into an apartment for my daughter Olivia who is going to study graduate medicine at Cambridge. We had to rely on Natalie's experience and judgement in finding the right home for Olivia for the next 2 years, sight unseen. Natalie summed up what we needed and was able to translate that into a perfect outcome for Olivia."


Alastair Lucas, Vice Chairman, Managing Director, Goldman Sachs & Partners Australia Pty Ltd